We are here for you 24/7

We operate a central Helpdesk available 24-hour x 7 day a week by phone, email, fax etc. The Helpdesk is the focal point where all our activities are integrated and coordinated, any problems reported and requests no matter how small are received and logged. Our Helpdesk team use a sophisticated computer aided facilities management software package for all our work activity. This package organizes, orchestrates and records all our tasks including preventative maintenance, reactive maintenance, specialist maintenance, statutory inspections, and other tasks that need doing. Out software expertise means that records are kept in detail for every item of both planned and reactive maintenance including where and when in originated, to how and when we resolved it. It allows us to monitor spare parts, energy usage, frequent faults and problem equipment. We can also, with the available history, build up a detailed picture of how the building is performing and look for efficiencies that can be made to drive down consumption and costs.

CAFM (Computer-aided Facilities Management)

Proposed CAFM solution, fully transferable to you at an agreed time, provision of a full manned helpdesk also possible. Hand held devices (PDA’s) for Mobile Team receive inquiries directly to them wherever they are. Linked to Helpdesk services, fully manned and 24/7 operated.