Quality, Safety, Health and Environment

Creating a safe and healthy working environment is fundamental to Darwish Interserve Facility Management. We are committed to developing a proactive safety culture across the full range of our activities and aim to ensure that none of our employees, contractors, or the people who interface with our operations, become injured or made unwell by the way we carry out our work. We work to achieve our targets for reductions in accident injury rates, time lost associated with injury and work-related illness and for senior management inspections on site and carry out health surveillance for our employees with highest risk to their health from their work. Every employee has a responsibility for their own safety and that of their colleagues. Employees receive relevant health and safety training and are encouraged to take proactive action and address unsafe conditions or work practices. Our 'Aim to be Incident Free' campaign, is one of our behavioral change programs aimed at changing attitudes towards safety.

Darwish Interserve Facility Management ensures that this is achieved through the following policies:

  • To promote a safe and healthy working and living environment by delivering high quality professional services to its clients, taking proactive measures to provide safety safe working environment at all times.
  • Require a high standard of Health & Safety from our employees and contractors, supporting our commitment to monitoring our achievements and delivering a continually improving performance.
  • Recognize that the prime responsibility of Safety & Health rests with the line management and that safety matters will be held in equal importance to other business objectives.
  • To comply with all acceptable Health & Safety legislation and the statuettes of the country.
  • Recognize that people are the most important asset of a business. Therefore it s imperative that we provide the necessary training, as well as encouraging their active participation and involvement in all Health & Safety matters.
  • In-line with company policy and objectives Darwish Interserve Facility Management has a well staffed and competent department to assist and liaise with operations on all aspects of Health & Safety.

HSE Accreditations & Certificates

  • ISO 45001:2018 certified
  • ISO 14001:2015 certified
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified