18 October, 2018
Advances in the mobile sector are improving FM efficiency every day by streamlining processes and improving communication. Companies that can adapt the most beneficial technology first stand to benefit the most. With an aim to integrate innovation in its FM solutions, Darwish Interserve recently launched a Beta version of its ‘Self Service Helpdesk Portal’ in one of its key college contracts in Doha. This break-through solution eliminates the requirement to contact helpdesk personnel over phone or email to request support on FM issues and makes the overall process much more streamlined.

As part of this initiative, teachers from the college can now log FM complain tickets and calls directly into the CAFM system using a college login ID, without needing to email or phone a helpdesk support assistant thus making the process quicker and more efficient. The system auto-generates a code and sends a status update to the user and the FM team processes the job. The program is set to launch in a beta phase at the start of the 2nd Half Term at the end of October and will benefit over 336 teachers in two schools in Doha.